Georgia high school accused of serving raw food

CONYERS, Ga. (WVLT/CBS46) -- Officials at a Rockdale County high school in Georgia are in hot water after reports the cafeteria served raw food

A concerned parent sent CBS46 photos of the lunch served at Salem High School on Wednesday. Pictured are two drumsticks sandwiched between a sweet potato and a piece of bread, but they said the chicken looks raw.

Daniel Scott, a sophomore at the high school, says it's not the first time the school has done this.

"One day we had the chicken and it was straight pink, and I had to stop my friend from eating it,” said Daniel.

CBS46 reached out to the school for comment.

“All of our food is prepared daily by our own staff. We had one student return their tray today at Salem and that student was given another meal. The chicken on that tray was temperature tested and was cooked to temperature specifications. It did not brown on top but it was fully cooked.

We take pride in the food we serve and our food services department is consistently recognized by the state for their good work….Salem has high participation in school meals and has not had any food safety concerns. They are inspected regularly by the health department and have not ever scored below an a rating."

CBS46 reached out to a food safety expert at the University of Georgia for more clarification.

“It looks questionable,” said Mary Beth Hornbeck, “but I would have to defer to the person who cooked it and if they cook say yes we stuck a thermometer in it and this is what it read, I would defer to that.”

Hornbeck said what you see doesn’t determine the safety of a dish.

"Whole chicken, chicken legs, no matter what it is, needs to be close to an internal temperature of 165° and that can happen without it having a browning and color change that a lot of people consider appealing, “ said Hornbeck.