'Ghost Cruiser' helps KCSO deputies go unnoticed in the dark

Published: May. 28, 2019 at 10:23 PM EDT
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In April, Knox County Sheriff Tom Spangler stopped by WVLT News to


The sheriff said the office received many complaints on speeding in the area and have responded to some tragic accidents there.

Part of the effort to reduce traffic incidents and enforce traffic laws on that road and others falls on KCSO's traffic unit, the sheriff's office said.

Nearly a month later, Kimberly Glenn, a sheriff's office spokesperson, and Officer DeArmond stopped by WVLT to continue the conversation about traffic law enforcement and road safety. They brought along a "ghost striped" cruiser that the sheriff's office traffic unit utilizes.

With the striping, the cruisers' logos appear almost nonexistent. So, nonexistent, in fact, that Officer DeArmond said a vehicle attempted to race him one night, without realizing Ofc. DeArmond was with the sheriff's office.

According to Glenn, the traffic unit has five such vehicles which they began using in February.