Pregnant TN mom carries dying baby to term to donate organs

(WVLT) -- 23-year-old Krysta Davis learned early in her pregnancy there was no chance of her growing baby in her womb would live beyond hours after its birth. Doctors told Krysta her child had a not completely formed brain and skull which would lead to its eventual death.

Doctors gave Krysta two choices. They could induce labor immediately or she could carry the child to full term, give birth, and then donate its organs.

Krysta chose to carry her child full term and, "give other babies a second chance at life."

“We decided that even if we couldn’t bring our daughter home, no mother would have to go through what we were going to go through,” Davis told People Magazine.

Baby Rylei was born on Christmas Eve and ended up passing away on New Year's Eve, living much longer than expected. Rylei donated two heart valves and her lungs will be used for research and development according to Chattanooga Television Station, WTVC-TV.

You can read about the rest of Rylei's story on Facebook at:
"Rylei Arcadia: An Unexpected Journey."