Glass recycling suspended for Knox Co., Oak Ridge residents

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - If you live in Knox County and regularly take glass for recycling at convenience centers, starting August 26 you'll have to make a change.

The county's head of solid waste said you can either throw away glass with regular trash headed to the landfill, or you can opt to transport glass to a Knoxville recycling center.

"The county didn't choose to stop recycling glass," said Knox County Solid Waste Director Drew Thurman. "We went out to bid on who accepts our recycling. There was one bidder. The one bidder said they did not want to accept glass from Knox County. So we don't have any other options."

Thurman said a sign will notify people when they visit the convenience centers starting Monday.

Mother and blogger Rebecca Huff of That Organic Mom
said her family regularly sorts and recycles household containers. She wants to be able to recycle various materials, including glass; however she also tries to reduce consumption and reuse items. "I would hate to see all that glass going into the landfill. But one of the things that we do at home a lot of times that we have a jar, we will reuse it."

The City of Oak Ridge announced a similar change starting at the beginning of September, when Waste Connections will only accept glass as part of general household trash. A sign posted at the recycling bins states:

"Effective Sept 1 2019, we will no longer be able to recycle glass. The recycling vendor we use will no accept glass after this date. THIS IS NOT A WASTE CONNECTIONS OR CITY OF OAK RIDGE DECISION. WE WILL RESUME THE GLASS RECYCLING PROGRAM IF THE RECYCLING FACILITY STARTS TO ACCEPT GLASS IN THE FUTURE."

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