Infamous 'Kane' song plays as Glenn Jacobs accepts Knox Co. Mayor seat

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For decades, World Wrestling Entertainment star Kane has entered the ring with his signature hype song playing in the background, 'Slow Chemical' by Finger Eleven.

On Thursday, the same song played as the man behind Kane's character, Glenn Jacobs, approached the stage at Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Knoxville to officially accept the bid for Knox County Mayor.

Buddy Burkhardt, with the Knox County Republican Party, welcomed Jacobs to the stage and said, "I've missed the mask."

Part of Kane's WWE story line included burns that required the character to wear a face mask to conceal the scars. However, fans were rocked when Kane lost a championship match and was forced to remove the notorious mask.

On election night, Jacobs did not wear the legendary mask. He told WVLT News he was excited for people to get to know him beyond his WWE character.