Goodwill CNA program helping people find work

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Knoxville mother is about to turn her life around thanks to the CNA program offered by Goodwill.

Elizabeth Hoggard, a single mother of three young girls has been balancing minimum wage jobs and school, all hoping for a better career to support her family.

Hoggard will graduate from the 6 week program at the end of May.

"Whatever you want in life, you can't get it unless you go out there and get it," said Hoggard. "I do it for my kids. I have a four year-old, a one-year old and a three month old."

Lauren Witzler, Employment training and rehabilitation coordinator for Goodwill Knoxville, said there are several success stories from this program, just like Hoggard.

"The class who just came through had a 100 percent passing rate," said Witzler. "It's an extreme success for us."

Witzler explained the program is designed to help the students not just make it through the class portion, but also clinicals and finding a job.

"We provide support, guidance to help with whatever barrier they are facing. Sometimes it's childcare, sometimes finances, sometimes they just need help studying. We are here to provide them with what they need to get there to the first day of work," said Witzler.

There is an application process. If you're interested, give Goodwill a call. They can help you get started on your application, including applying for potential scholarships or financial aid. The next class starts May 31.