Gorgeous start for Friday, stormy weather returns

Jen Cogburn, WVLT Weather Vols
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KNOXVILLE, TN (WVLT) - Just hours after tornado warnings, dark clouds, and strong straight-line winds plagued our region, the sun is back out!

We really hope you can enjoy a comfortable and sun-filled day outside. That's because we only get a one day break in the rain.

Later tonight, after midnight, stormy weather is back.

A summer storm complex forming over the High Plains rolls in from northwest to southeast. A WVLT WEATHER ALERT is in place Friday night, beginning around midnight. That ALERT lasts through Saturday morning. While storms will weaken considerably from what they once were in the Midwest, you can still expect gusty winds, widespread lightning and some downpours.

All signs point to a broken line of storms hitting our Kentucky counties shortly after midnight. These storms will be around Knoxville a few hours later, but still before dawn. The storms are gone through the mountains before 6:00 a.m.

Another line of storms moves from north to south closer to noon. Once again, lightning and downpours are the biggest potential hazards.

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