Gov. Lee: Some childcare regulations 'temporarily suspended' amid COVID-19 pandemic

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Governor Bill Lee asked community institutions across the state to set up temporary childcare facilities to ensure children are being taken care of amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Source: WVLT

Lee announced his support for existing childcare facilities and encouraged others to join in. Gov. Lee asked churches, gyms, non-profits and similar community organizations to open up emergency childcare facilities.

On March 30, he acknowledged that the state has "temporarily suspended" some childcare restrictions as the crisis worsens.

"We're in a crisis," he told media. "We have to triage circumstances that profoundly, negatively impact Tennesseans. When we closed schools across this state, we sent hundreds of thousands of children home."

Lee said the state loosened restrictions and have allowed providers to register with DHS so they can provide additional support and given them guidelines. While some restrictions are loosened, Lee said that there were still background checks in place.

Organizations interested in offering childcare services must submit a request with the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Lee said TDHS has deployed $10 million in emergency grants to assist childcare facilities. The department is also assisting childcare facilities in the state get access to needed cleaning supplies. Facilities that are struggling to get access to supplies are encouraged to contact the Department of Human Services. You can reach out at 1-800-462-8261. Go here for more information.

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