Greyhounds in Gatlinburg

Published: Jun. 4, 2016 at 7:40 AM EDT
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Gatlinburg has gone to the dogs this weekend with more than 300 Greyhounds in town for the Mountain Hounds fundraising event.

Mynatt Park & Sidney James Mountain Lodge are home this weekend to the dogs and their owners as the Greyhound Friends of North Carolina try to raise money for a 12th year to help find the dogs a good home.

Several events are planning including a fan favorite where the dogs speeds are tested.

"This is called the Greyhounds Mountain Hound Hustle. This is the biggest highlight I think for people that come here. As you can see all these people watching these dogs run," said President of the Greyhounds Friends of North Carolina Amy Reynard as dogs rain behind her.

In their prime, these dogs can go from standing to 45 mph in just 3 steps.

"We clock the dogs and give prizes to the fastest the slowest and the fastest non-greyhound," said Rick Montgomery with the group.

Greyhound Foundation of Knoxville also takes part in the event.

"Greyhounds are a wonderful companion dog, They have raced, they have retired and now they are ready for their home," said Janis Kirby from Knoxville.

This is the 12 year for the groups largest fundraiser.

"We place retired racing greyhounds in homes after they're finished with their racing careers. It helps us pay the bills, it helps us pay for food, medical expenses," said Reynard.

The organizers say they use this weekend to their advantage with all the tourists in Gatlinburg and if someone visiting needs more information they can connect them directly with their local chapters.

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