Group on mission to deliver no-sew blankets to Guatemala

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Knoxville-based Nuestros Ninos group is planning another mission trip to Guatemala this summer, and is accepting no-sew fleece blanket donations to ship for that trip by mid-April. The blankets go to impoverished children and their families in that area.

Recently Local 8 News Anchor Alan Williams helped complete two no-sew blankets on the CW morning show that will be donated to the Nuestros Ninos mission.

The simplest way to make these blankets is like this:

Select two contrasting colors of fleece fabric, cut in 1 1/2 yard pieces.
Place wrong sides together.
Cut a 7-inch by 7-inch square out of all four corners.
Cut 7-inch-long, one-inch-wide strips around the blanket.
Tie every other double-layered strip in a square knot.
Flip the blanket over and tie the remaining strips.

Lifestyle blogger Anne Brock has details about making the blankets at the Flour Sack Mama blog.

If you would like to donate a blanket or supplies for the blanket project, you can contact Nuestros Ninos via their website or message them @NuestrosNinosCharity on Facebook, or email, call 865-599-4347.

*Laundry care for fleece: wash cold, air dry or tumble dry very low.