'He is guilty of letting my son get murdered': Victim's mother reflects on case

MARYVILLE, Tenn, (WVLT) -- Robyn and Lee Radford have a grandson, Kylon, who will grow up without his dad.

Courtesy: Lee Radford

Caleb Radford was killed overnight on July 25, 2017. Alcoa police said they found him robbed and stabbed to death.

Among those in question, a football player whose life was documented on the Netflix series "Last Chance U." Isaiah Wright was a standout on the East Mississippi Community College team.

On Wednesday, Wright took a plea deal, dropping his murder charge. He eventually pleaded guilty to facilitation of aggravated robbery and was sentenced to six years, five suspended and five years of probation. As of Wednesday afternoon, Wright was a free man. That did not sit well with Robyn.

"I hope Isaiah Wright understands this guilty plea," Robyn said to the court Wednesday. "They could have stopped them. He knew their plans. He celebrated that night by dancing around shaking money that was stained with my son's blood. He is not innocent. He is guilty of letting my son get murdered."

Two other men are still in jail charged with murder in Caleb's death. Itiq Green and Keshawn Hopewell will face a judge in the months to come.

The court determined Isaiah did not kill Caleb, but knew Green and Hopewell might commit some sort of crime. Isaiah said he and his brother, Camion Patrick, stayed behind while the alleged crime occurred. Camion, a former east Tennessee high school football standout, was arrested the same day as Isaiah. He was released in November.

As part of the new plea deal, Wright has to participate in court proceedings and help the state build a case against Green and Hopewell.

"I don't know, I've got faith in the justice system," Lee Radford said as he wept on the courtroom stand, reading off a victim's family impact statement. "I know that they're going to do what's right with the justice system. But I know the involvement.

"I ask that Isaiah turns this into something good. We all make mistakes. I make mistakes. I'd be a hypocrite not to have to ask for forgiveness and not to show forgiveness."

WVLT News reached out to Isaiah Wright's attorney for comment. Kevin Angel said:

"Isaiah and I were both pleased with today's result. I believe Isaiah has learned from his mistakes and know that he hopes to make the most of this opportunity. I'd also like to express condolences from both myself and Isaiah to the Radford family. Their statements in court (Wednesday) exhibited class and dignity in the face of loss that we cannot truly comprehend."

The Radford family appears on the latest installment of "Last Chance U."

"I watched that show on Netflix. The one where Isaiah got on TV and he's had a tough time since an early age," Lee said. "Isaiah missed out on a lot. He's been without a role model or protection of a father and a bond between a father and a son."

He said he understands the separation, but now his grandson will suffer.

"Kylon will not know what it means to score his first touchdown, score his first basket, or hit his first home run and look up to the stands for his father's approval. He'll never be able to see the look of pride a father gives his son, and that's a wonderful feeling, and a feeling Kylon will never know."

Caleb also leaves behind two brothers and a fiancee. They had been together since the seventh grade, according to Lee. He was studying business at Pellissippi State Community College.

Itiq Greene will appear in court Nov. 28. Keshawn Hopewell will appear Jan. 23, 2019.