TBI: Diapers, clothes, toys found alongside remains believed to be Evelyn Boswell

Investigators said they do believe Evelyn is still alive. / (TBI)
Published: Mar. 9, 2020 at 11:14 AM EDT
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Megan Boswell, mother of missing toddler Evelyn Boswell, appeared in court Monday morning.

The hearing marked Boswell's first appearance since the

were found.

A Sullivan County judge raised Megan Boswell's bond to $150,000, according to CBS affiliate WJHL.

During the hearing, investigators revealed details about what they found during the search that led to the discovery of the body believed to be Evelyn.

TBI special agent Brian Fraley testified in court that when he interviewed Megan Boswell, she made several false statements, which he said cost investigators time during the investigation.

Fraley said a body of a child approximately one year to one-and-a-half years old was found during a search at a home in the 500 block of Muddy Creek Road belonging to Megan’s father, brother and grandmother.

Investigators found clothing matching the description of the clothes Evelyn was last seen in, as well as other child’s clothing, toys and diapers.

Fraley said Megan did not have a permanent residence, based on conversations with her.

While testifying, Fraley said that Megan had made an out of state trip to Texas in the fall of 2019, and trips had also been to the Knoxville and Gatlinburg areas.

Fraley said to his knowledge, Megan had made no trips out of the state since the investigation into Evelyn’s disappearance began. He also said she has no criminal history.

Judge Goodwin and the court expressed concern over Megan’s ties in Texas and the false statements she made in regard to Evelyn’s death.

After expressing his concern, Judge Goodwin increased Megan’s bond to $150,000.

Megan’s case is expected to be bound over to a grand jury in April. District Attorney Barry Staubus said he expects that by that time she will face additional charges.

Boswell’s court-appointed attorney Brad Sproles claims he broke the news to her Friday night when he told her that authorities said they found human remains they believe belongs to her missing, 15-month-old daughter, Evelyn Mae Boswell.

“This is a tragic situation any way you look at it so her reaction was somewhat to be expected,” Sproles told News Channel 11’s Anslee Daniel Saturday at the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office. “As far as I know from what she indicated to me, no one had told her until I got there.”

Sproles was appointed to represent Megan Boswell by the General Sessions Court in Bristol, Tenn., on one charge of filing a false report. That appointment ended when the case was bound over to grand jury.

“As a service to the court and to her, I went ahead and appeared last night at the press conference and went over and talked to her,” Sproles explained Saturday morning.

He told News Channel 11’s Anslee Daniel Saturday that he suspects he will be appointed again when Megan Boswell’s case goes to criminal court on May 8.

“I was able to attend the press conference and watch that, and afterward I did go over and speak with her to make her aware,” he said.

Sproles said that the investigation is still in the preliminary stages and warned the public about jumping to conclusions and pointing fingers.

“I agree with what District Attorney General [Barry] Staubus said that this is the very early stages and everyone to please be cautious about rushing to judgment here,” he said.

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