'Help us take down Bama": Louisiana school gets creative ahead of game

Brusly Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization is hosting a fundraiser during Beat Bama Week to raise at least $2,000 for student activities. (Source: WAFB)

BRUSLY, La. (WVLT/WAFB) -- A Louisiana schools got creative when raising money ahead of Louisiana State University's game against Alabama.

According to WVLT News sister station WAFB, Brusly Elementary School's Parent Teacher Organization came up with a challenge to raise $2,000.

They hung an Alabama flag at the school's flagpole, and every time an LSU fan donates, the flag gets a little lower.

“Every year we do a fundraiser and this year, we decided to do something a little different. We put a Bama flag up and the only way it’s coming down is if you donate. As soon as we get some leeway going on the LSU side and the flag starts to come down, we get a Bama fan to donate and it makes our goal higher and the flag stays up," said Brusly Elementary Principal Susan Cryer.

WAFB reported the school's goal was met on November 7 and the flag was taken down.

LSU plays Alabama on November 9.

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