Hide-and-seek game using painted rocks is rocking East Tennessee

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - It's growing with more speed than a rock slide. This crafty creation of hide-and-seek is rocking, and people all over town are joining in.

"We love doing it. I think we've painted about 60 or 70 rocks. They're all over Maryville," said Lori Flanders, who is one of the administrators of the Facebook group called Maryville Rocks 865.

Robin Putt started the Facebook group. If you're the hider, paint your rock, then put it somewhere with a hint posted on the Facebook group.

"We paint them, the kids paint them. Anything on them as long as it's not vulgar," said Flanders.

Prepare to rock if you're the seeker, but be sure to leave no stone unturned. Post a picture in the group of where you found your hidden gem.

"They can either re-hide them or keep them if they want to," she said.

It's more than just a treasure hunt for the Flanders family.

"We love it because it helps us with our stress issues," she added.

With two handicapped daughters, it's a game they can all play.

"I like hiding them and finding them. It's just fun seeing the pictures on them," said Flander's step-daughter, Haley.

They also use the game as a way to spread awareness for their disabilities.

"We always hide them where anybody in a wheelchair can get to it," said Flanders.

The rock craze is spreading further than just a stone's throw away, Maryville rocks are getting picked up all over the country.

"I know they found some of our rocks in Virginia, and when we went down to Florida we hid some of our rocks," she added.

Maryville rocks, etched in stone.