High winds blows tree onto Maryville home

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Strong winds came through several Blount county communities, knocking down trees and several power lines. One family in Maryville had a large tree fall into their house causing damage to their roof.

83-year-old Helen Goins was home alone when a tree fell onto her house./ Source: (WVLT News)

During the storm 83-year-old, Helen Goins was home alone at her Maryville home, when strong winds knocked a tree into the front of her home.

"It's awful to have to look at it, but at least I'm back home," said Goins. "It was nice staying with my sister-in-law, but I'm happy to be back here at the house."

Goins was sitting in the front room of her home, just inches away from where the tree struck the roof, piercing through the inside of the gutters on the front porch. She said that's when she saw the Blount County Fire Department passing by and they stopped to check on her.

"You could pay us a million dollars and it wouldn't be as gratifying as helping somebody, so its a feeling that you can't explain," said Fire Captain Jason Stinnett. "I'm sure that everybody has felt that at some point in their life and if they haven't I wish they would do something good for somebody so they could."

Stinnett said the department called in extra crews ahead of the storm so that there would be enough firefighters in case things got bad.

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