Holocaust survivor remembers Elie Wiesel

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Elie Wiesel built his life on the principal of bearing witness to one of the worst genocides in history

"When I started to read his books, I said what a treasure it is to have somebody so talented to write about these horrible, horrible times," said Mira Kimmelman.

That idea of remembering inspired Kimmelman to do the same. She published two books about her life during the Holocaust.

"I wanted something for my children to have, to remember," said Kimmelman

The 93 year old lived in Auschwitz for almost a year. She said it was the worst concentration camp.

"Definitely, you lived in the shadow of death," said Kimmelman. "I was 15 years old; I was the same age Elie Wiesel was when he was taken to Auschwitz," she continued.

Kimmelman said everyone survived the Holocaust in a different way. She and her father were the only ones in their immediate family that made it.
Mira's mother died as soon as she arrived at a death camp. Her brother died in Auschwitz, days before liberation.

"Very few people knew that they would survive the camp," said Kimmelman. "It was just a matter of luck," she added.

Elie and Mira survived for a reason. She said they lived to ensure the memory of the Holocaust would be kept alive forever.