Honor Air takes East Tennessee veterans on a 'flight' to D.C.

Earl Bracket got to experience Washington D.C. without ever leaving Knoxville. / Source: WVLT
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- A group of East Tennessee veterans took flight to Washington D.C. on Saturday morning without ever leaving the Knoxville.

Honor Air was designed to allow the disabled veterans, that are unable to fly, to experience what they might see on an actual flight to D.C.

One Veteran got to experience Washington for the first time on Saturday.

"It's fine.", said veteran Earl Bracket. "Some place! I enjoyed it."

Bracket is a WWII veteran that has traveled the world to places including England, France and Germany, but this was his first time seeing D.C.

One of the organizers, Joe Sutter, says this is something the veterans will remember forever.

"It's one of the best days of their lives.", said Sutters.

Honor air has taken more than 3,000 veterans to D.C. Their next flight is scheduled for October.