Horse Haven of Tennessee finds new home in Lenoir City

Published: Nov. 26, 2018 at 11:15 PM EST
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"It's just beautiful." Adam Baracas, a volunteer, admired Horse Haven of Tennessee's new Lenoir City home Monday.

But the reason Horse Haven moved is far from pretty.

"I can't believe a horse can be born into a situation that it needed to be rescued from," Bethany Schwarz, the development director for Horse Haven of Tennessee, said.

The non-profit out-grew its old home of nine years in Hardin Valley. Their new property has 50 stalls compared to about 30 at the last location. It's a need that continues to grow across the state. "It's a terrible problem to have," Schwarz said.

Finnick is one of those 30 rescues. The now 10-year-old was once South Doyle High School's mascot. But as his owner fell sick, he was unable to care for Finnick. Horse Haven stepped in to get him the help he needed. Soon, he'll be ready for a new family.

"When you can heal that relationship between horses and humans, a horse is set up to live the rest of its life with people," Schwarz.

Horse Haven started moving its horses a few weeks ago. But the work isn't over. Cleaning, moving and building is yet to be done and they need help from volunteers.

"Community support -- we want to know our neighbors and help our neighbors. We want to get the Lenoir City community involved."

After 20 years in Tennessee, Horse haven has helped more than a thousand horses.

Managers estimate it costs about $30.00 per horse each day. They are taking donations for 'Giving Tuesday'. They can be made by clicking


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