"Deathly thin" horses out of ICU, together and happy

Published: Oct. 2, 2018 at 2:30 PM EDT
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Two alarmingly emaciated horses that were receiving care at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Hospital are out of ICU and isolation.

As of Thursday night, the horses were sharing a stall and were happy together.

The Horse Haven of Tennessee said the animals were well below the lowest body score used to described emaciated equine. A body score of 10 describes a perfectly healthy horse, while a body score of one is used to describe an extremely underweight animal. Horse Haven of Tennessee said these animals would be listed at a .5 body score if that was an option.

"They looked like walking cadavers," Jocelyn Smith, the equine manager at Horse Haven, said. "They were very thin and needed some help."

Horse Haven officials said in a Facebook post that they were originally alerted about three horses in need in southeast Tennessee. However, when workers arrived, one was described as "too weak to stand" and unable to be saved.

"Driven now to rescue the two remaining, Horse Haven staff hurriedly delivered the two to UT Vet School. The sorrel gelding, Chip and the bay mare, Dale are fighting for their lives," the organization wrote in the post.

Both horses were described as deathly thin, weighing 350 and 370 pounds respectively. One horse, Chip, suffered a broken jaw approximately three weeks ago.

"Their heads were down and they were unsure as to what was next," Smith said.

The organization is

to help pay for the extensive medical care needed to rehabilitate these animals. They're bracing for a $20,000 vet bill.

If you suspect a horse could be in an abusive situation, Horse Haven recommends calling 911 and asking for animal control to check out the situation.