"It took an army" to rescue horse bound for slaughter

Source: Susie Lones
Source: Susie Lones(WVLT)
Published: Jan. 27, 2020 at 3:52 PM EST
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An East Tennessee community came together to perform one act--saving a horse bound for slaughter.

, a horse lover, told WVLT News Anchor Amanda Hara that she had "never been so stressed dealing with a horse emergency" when it came to trying to save a two-year-old Belgian. Lones said Jordan and Lindsey Ayres, who operate Triple Hill Farm in Farragut, rescued the horse after Elizabeth Baker agreed to pay the fee to buy him from Sexton's Horse and Mule Company, located in Sneedville, Tennessee.

Lones said Charlie's health "was questionable" and made the rescue "even more dire." The rescue, Lones said, "took an army" and included the help of family friends,

, and the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Charlie was rescued from the auction house, but when he arrived in Loudon County, Lones said he was "so exhausted from the trailer ride and ordeal" he was unable to walk or even stand up on his own. They reached out to

for help, Lones said, and that organization brought a glider and a four-wheeler to pull Charlie. This part of the rescue was "extremely stressful," Lones said, because Charlie was sedated, and it didn't work at first.

Lones said they were able to make it to the UT Vet School where Charlie has since made some progress. "Charlie is doing very well," Lones said. "The vet said his appetite is incredible. Right now it looks like he will require the help of the sling to stay standing for quite some time until he regains his stability, but everything else is looking good so far!"

Charlie's rescuers set up a GoFundme to help pay for his vet expenses. You can donate


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