Pregnant moms concerned about safety during delivery amid coronavirus changes

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The COVID-19 outbreak has changed how hospitals are handling visitors to their facilities, including pregnant women and their families.

The University of Tennessee Medical Center announced, "Women giving birth may have one birthing partner, doula or caregiver."

UTMC said that babies in the NICU may have only one visiting parent.

Fort Sanders has also instituted its own rule, saying that women may have only one birthing partner, doula or caregiver.

WVLT's Whitney Kent is set to deliver her son is due in two weeks. She is having a scheduled cesarean and has been told by her doctor her husband, Joe, is the only one allowed in the room.

With a shortage of medical masks and supplies, she asked her doctor if they'll have enough to protect her, the baby and the medical team.

"She said she doesn't know. She knows they have a supply and some stuff put away but there's no telling what will happen int he next two weeks. There's a lot. It all comes down to you just have to trust in God you gotta just, not worry about it because you can't do anything about it, can't control it," said Kent.

Whitney is keeping a positive attitude even though her baby showers were canceled and she's concerned her family won't be able to visit the baby after he's born.

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