How NOT to fry a turkey according to firefighters

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — Jeff Bagwell of Rural Metro Fire showed us what not to do to avoid a fiery disaster this Thanksgiving.

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There are three important things to avoid a fire when deep-frying a turkey:

1: Don't put too much oil in the pot
Bagwell said one of the most common mistakes that cause a fire is putting too much oil into the pot.

"If you fill it to the top, then drop a 20-pound turkey into the oil it's going to overflow," said Bagwell. All that hot oil on the ground can lead to a fire.

2: Don't put the turkey into hot oil if it's still frozen

Water and hot oil don't mix. It is critical to be sure the turkey is completely thawed out before introducing it to hot oil.

3: Make sure you're cooking at the right temperature

Cooking with oil that is too hot could spark a fire. Use a cooking thermometer to be sure you get it right. According to Food Network, cooking at a temperature of 350° for 3 minutes per pound should do the trick.

Bagwell also recommends having a fire extinguisher close by in case things get out of hand. If a fire does break out, call for help immediately. Don't try to put the fire out on your own before calling firefighters.

Bagwell also recommended trying an oil blend as opposed to pure oil. They are made to reduce fire hazards.

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