Humane Society raising money for abandoned puppy "Cleo the Aussie"

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A volunteer from the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley discovered an eight-month-old puppy with a broken leg and a broken jaw in a garage where she had been neglected for two weeks.

Cleo the Aussie was taken into the Humane Society for help, and now is in foster care of the veterinarian who performed her surgeries, Erin Dols. When she was brought in, she needed surgery on both broken bones as well as all of her shots.

The Australian shepherd will carry the signs of these injuries all her life due to the delay in getting help. The broken leg has started to heal itself, but it can be expected that the puppy will have a limp forever.

Dols urges those adopting animals to consider the care they will need when they are both healthy and sick. This is not Dols' first time dealing with these situations, and she tends to work her job around the clock. In fact, she takes many of these dogs to her own home.

"I became a shelter vet for this reason, to take in animals that need extra care and then be able to find them new homes. So that's why they do end up at my house, usually it is only temporarily, until they can find the perfect home," Dols said.

With Cleo recovering in Dols' care, she will be ready for adoption as soon as she heals.

To help donate to her surgery funds, click here.