"I was thinking I was going to die," Knoxville woman remembers surviving Dorian

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — “I was thinking that I was going to die,” said Doctor Pam Mobley.

She survived Hurricane Dorian hidden in the closet of a friend's house in the Bahamas. “The walls were moving almost as if it was pulsing or breathing and our ears were popping and the whole house was just, it almost felt like an earthquake.”

The retired Knoxville doctor and her family own a home on Abaco island and have visited for nearly thirty years. She weathered the storm to help people who were hurt - even stayed on a satellite phone with neighbors trapped under debris.

“They kept saying it's getting heavier and it's crushing us. As soon as we could get out we would come and get them.”

Her home was destroyed in the storm. It wasn't for three days until she connected with family to tell them she was ok - the day after that she came to the states to see them. But it wasn't long until she, her husband, Ed, - who is also a doctor - and their son, Chris were back in the Bahamas to help.

“The country is pretty overwhelmed with lack of medical personnel and I will be trying to start a rotation of doctors who can help.”

The Mobley said they're helping an average of thirty to forty people per day - mostly minor injuries, hydration and shots. Pam says since she's not a practicing physician anymore, she's ready to stay in the Bahamas for months.

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