Infant gets new family through virtual adoption in Texas

Infant gets new family through online adoption via Zoom / Source: (KCBD)

LUBBOCK, Texas (WVLT/KCBD) -- The first "virtual adoption" in Lubbock County, Texas took place Friday morning via Zoom.

According to KCBD, at 8:30 a.m., Rusty and Whitney Smith officially adopted 15-month-old Khailynn during a Zoom video conference meeting.

Khailynn was fostered through the nonprofit Buckner International and Bucker Foster Care and Adoption.

KCBD reports the adoption was streamed live on YouTube with Judge Kelley Tesch presiding.

Khailynn is now the fourth child the Smith family has fostered, but Khailynn will be the couples' first adoption.

The adoption via Zoom was in accordance with Lubbock County's public health orders to limit social gatherings and practice social distancing.

The Smith's and Khailynn all wore matching shirts for the virtual adoption. The shirts read, "I stole their hearts, now I'm stealing their last name."

Buckner staff reports there is a continued need for foster families and adoptive homes for children.

According to Texas Department of Family and Protective Services' records, there were 602 children waiting to be adopted in the Amarillo-Lubbock area last year, with a total of 7,788 state wide.

Buckner provides humanitarian aid and crisis relief to poverty-stricken children and families.

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