Iowa dog owner charged for muzzling dogs with bungee cords

Published: Oct. 10, 2018 at 8:21 PM EDT
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A dog owner in Iowa is charged with using bungee cords to tie the snouts of dogs shut.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says the three dogs were stuffed into a wire crate when they arrived at the shelter. One of the dogs was an 11-week-old puppy and the other two dogs were adults.

The two older dogs, named Maddie and Beau had deep lacerations on their snouts. Staff determined a bungee cord had been tied so tightly around their muzzles that it had cut into the skin.

ARL Animal Control Officers found the owner, who lived in Ankeny. Working with Ankeny Police, they learned that the person had been given a deadline to get rid of her dogs because of multiple complaints of barking.

“That had apparently been the owner’s solution to the noise complaints: To wind bungee cords so tightly around the dogs’ muzzles that they couldn’t open their mouths. From the look of the marks, this was not a one-time thing - these dogs had been bound multiple times and for extended periods of time. This is one of those stories that just hurts your heart.” said Tom Colvin, CEO for the ARL. “The dogs are now safe and are still fearful of people, but we are helping them learn to trust again.”

Ankeny authorities have now charged the owner, Elisa Andres, with two counts of animal neglect.

The two dogs are receiving treatment from ARL.

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