Is your smoke detector in the right room?

Photo Source: MGN

CLEVELAND, Ohio. (WOIO) -- The fire chief has said the massive tragedy that killed five children in a home daycare fire on Sunday in Pennsylvania, could have been prevented if there had been enough smoke detectors.

According to investigators there was only one detector in the three level home.

Fire officials here in Northeast Ohio said tragedies like this should be remind everyone to check, not only if your detectors are working, but that you have enough of them.

“A single family residence should have at least one smoke detector per floor. Ideally one also in every bedroom,” according to Jim Heath, Assistant Fire Chief in Shaker Heights.

“Smoke alarms will give a sleeping family several minutes,” Heath said about the best chance to survive a fire. “The smoke hitting the detector will happen way before the smoke gets into your bedroom and wakes a person up. Early detection is the key to saving lives.”

Most fire departments give out free detectors and in most cases will even come to your home and install them.

“It’s hard to tell why folks don’t take advantage” Heath said. “It’s seems that when there is a tragedy it sparks interest and then people start to forget.”

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This diagram shows you should have a smoke detector on every floor of your home, and ideally in every bedroom. (Source: Wikipedia/WOIO)