"It gets better every year": Alcoa coach speaks out after winning state championship

(WVLT) -- On December 6, the Alcoa Tornadoes won their fifth consecutive state championship with a 27-0 win against Pearl Cohn.

Alcoa Tornadoes celebrate their fifth consecutive state championship win / Source: Varsity All Access

It was exciting moment for the players, the coaches and their fans alike. WVLT Sports anchor Caleb Noe captured the players celebrating after the game.

But while the win marks the 15th state championship title for Coach Gary Rankin, he said the feeling never changes.

"It's like your wife, the feeling never changes," Rankin told WVLT Sports after the game. "Gets better every year. Doesn't change. I mean, it's new kids, new opportunity, I'm still hungry. I enjoy playing. I enjoy competing. It's not just a championship, it's competing and getting ready for games."

Rankin added that while he loves his wins, his wedding ring is the most important ring he has.

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