'It was just as loud as Rocky Top' -- Steve Spurrier compares AAF crowd to Neyland Stadium

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (WVLT) -- In case you're unaware of what the "AAF" is ... the Alliance of American football is a new professional football league.

Steve Spurrier's Orlando Apollos completed a comeback win against San Antonio in Sunday's AAF action.

After Sunday's game, Spurrier compared the crowd at the stadium to "Rocky Top" -- Tennessee's Neyland Stadium.

"It was as loud as Rocky Top to tell you the truth," said Spurrier in his postgame interview.

The only problem is, the crowd at Sunday's game in San Antonio was short of 30,000 fans -- a good number for an Alliance game.

That's still not even one-third of a sold out crowd at Neyland Stadium.

Spurrier coached against Tennessee on numerous occasions during his years as a college coach.

You can see the video on this page. Fast-forward to the 0:40 mark in the video.