"There's no end in sight:" Local family's home still underwater

JEFFERSON CO., Tenn. (WVLT) -- For almost everyone across East Tennessee, the floodwaters of late February have gone down.

But for one family in Jefferson County facing two feet of water in their homes, the house they lived in for 25 years is now a possible total loss.

Erica Grandstaff and her six children have lived in this home for 20 years and has never seen high water like this. They've been renting for the last few years to a family friend. The water has been in the home for over three weeks, and mold and possible raw sewage is floating through the four-bedroom house.

Grandstaff's family, who lived a few doors down, now must stay with her at another location because their home's sewer lines are covered. If they flushed, well...

"There’s no end in sight," said Grandstaff. "We don’t know when the water's going to recede or if it’s going to recede."

Erica told WVLT she hoped to pass the home on to her children. Now, it will likely be condemned.

"Well the pain that they’re going through with the loss," said Grandstaff's father, Albert Curl. "And the loss of what my daughter’s losing. And what she wants to hand down to her children. "