No paychecks for some Jellico employees; some late

Published: Dec. 23, 2019 at 4:57 PM EST
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A Jellico Community Hospital employee said doctors have not been paid in two to three months.

According to Mike Lay, the husband of a nurse at the Jellico Community Hospital, his wife, Anna, had not been paid since December 6. She was paid late on December 23.

According to Lay, she was supposed to be paid Friday, Dec 20.

Lay said CEO Hal Leftwich showed up to the hospital on Monday to tell the employees that have not been paid that they will be receiving their paychecks soon.

Lay said a coworker told her that the hospital's internet had been cut off due to an unpaid bill, and that's why employees didn't receive paychecks on Friday.

"I love this hospital this is our community these are our family members I've been working there for almost 20 years but I'm not going to go back until the issues are resolved," said Anna Lay.

The hospital in Jellico


It happened three times over the summer, with the last instance of delayed payment being in September.

Anna Lay said she is not returning to work until the problems are resolved. Lay said she hoped for better management and wants answers for the staff.

WVLT News has reached out to Rennova Health, the company behind Jellico Community Hospital. They have not responded. Rennova Health is also the same company that had control of Jamestown Regional Medical Center,

and left 150 people of out a job.

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