KCSO: 4 arrested after attempt to steal $150K worth of diamonds

Published: Sep. 19, 2018 at 3:40 PM EDT
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The Knox County Sheriff's Office held a news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the sheriff's office's Twitter, the conference was set to discuss a "major investigation."

The sheriff's office said that it was an investigation into a fraud case located in Knox County.

During the news conference, the sheriff's office said that Danny Overbey, CEO of Kimball's Jewelers, reached out to an officer to discuss a possible fraud happening in relation to his business on Tuesday. According to Overbey, he had received a call from a diamond broker.

The broker told Overbey that he had received an order placement from the Knoxville business; however, the Knoxville business had never placed the order.

Overbey became suspicious, realized he was the victim of a scam and reached out to the off-duty officer.

On Wednesday, a package with $150,000 worth of diamonds was delivered to what the sheriff's office called a "local delivery hub."

Four individuals were involved and attempted to pick the package of diamonds up from the hub.

At that time, officers moved and arrested three women and one man. Some arrests were made on site of the delivery center; however, the sheriff's office said that some arrests were made where the four individuals had been staying.

Corey Smith, 31; Ariana Jenkins, 21; Octavia Smith, 21 and Quintaisha Tosh Sullivan, 21, were arrested. All four were charged with computer crimes over $60,000, identity theft and attempted theft over $60,000.

The sheriff's office said all four had addresses in Florida, and one of the individuals had addresses in Georgia and Tennessee.

According to the news conference, this case in Knox County is connected to other similar cases in the South East.

The sheriff's office said more information would be released as the investigation continues.

"The sophistication of this crime is so high that paying attention to it is even difficult for me to understand," Oberbey told WVLT news. "It's a tumultuous ride, and it's not over yet."

Watch the full conference below.

Knox County Sheriff Office news conference on an ongoing investigation involving stolen diamonds.

Posted by WVLT on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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