KNOX DOUGH offers edible, gourmet cookie dough

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- What's better than eating cookie dough out of the tub? How about the same delicious treat--but it's meant to be eaten raw!

Photo courtesy of KNOX DOUGH

That's where KNOX DOUGH comes in -- owners Steve and Janet take their yummy goodness "anywhere and everywhere" in Knoxville, according to their Facebook page. The company offers local edible, gourmet cookie dough that is egg-free and won't make you sick! The company uses special flour that makes the dough safe and ready-to-eat without baking, though it can be used to bake cookies the old fashioned way as well.

KNOX DOUGH offers pop-up shops, as well as catering for events like office parties, birthday parties, church events or even weddings. The company also delivers the product, and owners Steve and Janet told Local 8 News shipping options will soon be on the menu.

KNOX DOUGH's owners said the company is looking to expand with a storefront, but the pop-ups will continue as the business keeps expanding. KNOX DOUGH updates its locations daily through social media.

For more information or to find where KNOX DOUGH will be near you, visit their Facebook page online.