Keep Tennessee River Beautiful River Cleanup looking for volunteers

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful, a program created by TVA & Keep Tennessee Beautiful will clean up littered sites along the Tennessee River this March in partnership with the nationally recognized Living Lands & Waters.

“We’re excited to partner with TVA and continue the cleanup efforts that Living Lands and Waters began last year with the Tennessee River Tour,” said Melissa Marshall, Executive Director of Keep Tennessee Beautiful.

“The Tennessee River is such a beautiful part of our state and is essential not only to commerce and tourism, but to our natural beauty. It is our goal to launch a cleanup effort along the river that will rally residents all along the river to clean and protect it for years to come.”

Over 194 volunteers removed 18,372 pounds of debris from the Tennessee River during last year’s Tennessee River Tour, but there is still plenty of work to be done. This year’s inaugural Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful cleanup will target four areas – Pickwick Lake, TN (March 11); Decatur, AL (March 12); Knoxville, TN (March 18); and the Land Between the Lakes, KY (March 19).

These areas not only represent four distinct regions along the Tennessee River, but they each contain littered areas that are difficult for volunteers to reach by land. This project will target these littered areas by boat and will aim to remove larger debris, including a sunken boat and an abandoned boat dock, with the help of hundreds of volunteers.

“TVA’s mission of service includes balancing the Tennessee River system and the many needs of the people of the Valley,” said Rebecca Tolene, Vice President of Natural Resources. “We rely on partnerships like this and volunteers from all over to help us in that mission. Cleanups are important for water quality, wildlife habitat and recreational enjoyment. We appreciate the support we’ve gotten from our partners to make this successful.”

The Keep the Tennessee River Beautiful project hopes to engage volunteers from all four regions along the river by helping to pick up litter along the shorelines and debris from the river.

“In order for us to continue to enjoy the beauty of the Tennessee River, it is our responsibility to clean and protect it,” said Laura Howard, Project Coordinator. “We hope that this program will attract passionate volunteers and partners who will allow us to expand our cleanup efforts along the river for years to come. With your help, we can keep the Tennessee River beautiful all year long.”