Keeping kids busy with basic art supplies

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Got crayons, glue, colored paper and scissors in the house? You have more art options than you might think.

Oak Ridge Art Center shows simple projects you can try at home with children.

Director Leah Marcum-Estes at the Oak Ridge Art Center said parents can encourage children to go beyond crayon drawing and add another layer of challenge to their work.

She said a watercolor set can be helpful, adding a way to paint over the crayon. The technique is called watercolor or crayon resist. Marcum-Estes said, "You would take your watercolor and apply it on top of your crayon drawing. It will roll off of any area that has crayon in it."

Other simple art ideas include:

Cut out paper shapes to create a picture against a background
Weaving with construction paper strips
Adding paper shapes on top of a woven construction strip background
Cutting paper strips from magazines to create backgrounds
Cutting shapes or photos from magazines

You can also find free art resources at the Art Center's Facebook page. Because of concern about the Coronavirus, the Art Center is temporarily closed to the public.

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