Ways to keep your child healthy during the school year

Published: Aug. 2, 2016 at 7:51 AM EDT
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As the new school year starts, East Tennessee Children's Hospital shares advice for parents to keep your kids well.

Darci Hodge, ETCH Director of Infection Control shared these tips:

· Keep vaccination current

· Teach them good hand hygiene principles: soap and water as much as possible, alcohol gel/foam when hands are not visibly soiled and soap and water not available.

· Teach them to cover their cough: sneeze into a tissue or their elbow.

· Get plenty of rest: helps fight infections.

· Stay home when they are sick: vomiting and or diarrhea with fever 100.3 or greater? Need to stay home and away from others.

· Don’t ignore things we think might be minor health issues: rash, sinus infections, stomach pains, diarrhea etc. That could be early signs of something more serious or lead to a more serious condition if the child does not improve.

· Don’t forget cleanliness -

1. Showers and baths not only take care of odor, they wash off the germs that could cause infection.

2. Sports or gym equipment need to be cleaned on a regular basis to eliminate bacteria and viruses that can cause illness

3. Washing clothes or putting them out in the sun helps kill germs that can cause odor and disease