Kentucky boy bitten by venomous snake at water park

Published: Jul. 31, 2019 at 10:39 AM EDT
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A fun day at the Breaks Interstate Park turned scary for one Pike County family according to a report from


A snake bit a 7-year-old boy near the pool area.

"They were at the water park swimming and playing," said Kelsey Fields. Kelsey is Matt'x Leedy's cousin. She told WYMT, Matt'x is your typical seven-year-old.

"We were eating so when we got done eating he got in the grass," recalled his sister Matti Leedy.

Matti told WYMT when lifeguards called for everyone to get out of the park's pool, he still wanted to play.

"He dropped a penny and he went to get it," said Matti.

That penny almost cost Matt'x his life.

"That's whenever it bit him and he started screaming," Fields recalled. "He screamed, "help me," said Matti.

In the beginning, his family thought it was not too serious.

"Yeah, they thought it was a bee sting but it wasn't," said Matti.

The snake bit him on his "ring finger" and his "pinky finger."

Family members took Matt'x to a nearby hospital. He was then flown to UK hospital.

"I was like, very terrified but I tried to stay strong for him," said his sister bravely.

12 vials of anti-venom later, Matti'x is expected to be okay. Park officials believe a venomous snake bit the boy near a hole in the ground.

"As his fingers continued to swell, it became obvious it was a snake bite," said Austin Bradley.

Bradley is the park superintendent.

"This snake bite occurred in an area of the park where you would not typically think that there are snakes around," explained Bradley.

He warned others to always check your surroundings.

"So we just always encourage everybody to always be alert even in developed portions of the park," Bradley pointed out.

He said the park does not have a problem with snakes but with the outdoors, you never know where they may be hiding.

"You know, being at a water park, you don't really expect a snake," said Fields.

Park officials could not find the snake so they do not know what kind it may be.

Officials with the Breaks Interstate Park have filled the holes near the pool. Right now, that area is roped off.

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