Kentucky deputies discover dozens of drug-laced lollipops

SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WVLT) -- Kentucky deputies discovered over 30 drug-laced lollipops while performing a traffic stop on Wednesday morning.

WLKY reported that Shelby County deputies released information on the incident "because we felt like it could be a public safety issue," Maj. Hettinger said.

The deputies confiscated 34 lollipops along with a mold used for creating more. Hettinger said the department tested the candy and found it tested positive for Ecstasy.

"When you see on Facebook and stuff like that, you'll see gummy bears that has been manipulated. It's not hard to add a substance to anything," Hettinger said.

Hettinger said they are not sure how many, if any, lollipops were sold before the traffic stop.