Kentucky mother claims school bus driver has tormented son for weeks

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Tamra Childers says her 15-year-old son is being harassed and tormented by his school bus driver.

Tamra Childers has documented the six-week long struggle between the Jefferson County Public Schools bus driver and her son. / Source: Tamra Childers, WAVE

Childers has documented the six-week long struggle between the Jefferson County Public Schools bus driver and the student. The video shows one of the most extreme encounters.

In the video, one can see the driver of bus #1050 zip into frame and pass up the Childers’ driveway, which is the bus stop. Once Childers’ son walks across the neighbor’s yard and approaches the open doors, the driver closes them and pulls up a few feet. The driver appears to stop, without opening the door, and Childers’ son continues to walk towards the bus. That’s when the driver pulls away, leaving the student behind.

Childers said this is the daily struggle. If her son is standing in their driveway at the bus stop, the driver will usually pass him up, sometimes leaving him behind.

The JCPS student’s mother said she has no idea why the driver targets her son. She believes it may be retaliation for her son being late a few times.

“She told him yesterday she was going to pass him up today and I asked him, 'Have y’all had words?' I haven’t gotten any calls or letters so what provoked the problem? I have no idea,” Childers said.

One thing she said she does know is the driveway is the designated stop. Her other children in other grades have no issues with being picked up at the driveway.

“If he is not in the middle of her [the neighbor’s] yard, which he shouldn’t be anyway, if he’s still standing in our driveway she will pass him up,” Childers said.

Not only does Childers believe this is humiliation, she fears for her son’s safety, claiming the driver is speeding well over the neighborhood’s 25 mph limit.

“I’ve had visions all day of him getting ran over or her slamming into a car because I feel like she’s not paying any attention to anyone around her other than humiliating him,” Childers said.

The mother said she has contacted the bus compound supervisor, who did have the driver turn around to get her son once, but said any other calls have gone unanswered.

“If she [the bus driver] has a problem, she can talk to me about it, she can talk to someone in the office and have them contact me about it, instead of leaving us in the dark and mistreating my child," Childers said. "It’s emotional abuse.”

WAVE 3 News reached out to JCPS for comment on the issue multiple times, but has not received a statement. The leader of the local bus drivers’ union declined comment until the district looks into the incident.

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