Kentucky woman evicted after being accused of throwing ice at protesters from balcony

Source: WAVE
Source: WAVE(WVLT)
Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 6:52 PM EDT
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A woman was reportedly evicted from her Kentucky apartment after images surfaced on social media accusing her of throwing ice at protesters from her balcony.


that the complex, the Residences at Omni, released a Facebook statement that read: “We are deeply saddened and disappointed by the recent act of aggression against the peaceful protesters outside of our community. Our team and community stands together to serve and support each other and will not tolerate these harmful actions."

A post on Instagram showed a photo of the woman, claiming she was throwing ice at protesters.

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EDIT: I wanted to note that while I only caught the second bucket of scattered ice on camera, the first one had baseball-sized bricks of ice in it that could do immense damage to anyone that it hit, if not kill them from that height. It sounded like gunshots going off as it hit the ground and the immediate terror that overcame the crowd was chilling to say the least. There were CHILDREN down there. Imagine taking a baseball to the head from someone standing directly next to you. Now imagine that baseball coming from the top of a large building. Now imagine that a person of color was caught on camera throwing it. We all know that it would be dealt with haste so keep that same energy. - White privilege is looking down on peaceful protestors from atop your ivory tower in a luxury hotel residential suite and dumping buckets of ice on them in broad daylight with the intention to do harm and having no fear of consequence. - As a person of color who has been lucky enough to be given a platform where I have the opportunity to create for a living and reach people all over the world with my art, I feel strongly that this is the time to use that art to help create change. - @omnilou, get your girl. #WHODOICALL #BLACKLIVESMATTER

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The complex said the resident was evicted, and it added that, "We will not condone violence by our teams or residents and will remain focused on inclusion and belonging. We will continually keep the lines of communication open while fully supporting the residents of Louisville as they practice their First Amendment Rights for peaceful assembly.”

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