Kids respond to baby reveal

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (WVLT) - See in this video how two young brothers respond to their mom's reveal about a new baby on the way.

Andrea Jones is a family medical doctor, so she had everything from her ultrasound image to an illustration to show the boys the current size of the developing fetus. When the Oklahoma City boys opened the ultrasound photos, the 3-year-old brother responded by guessing that he was seeing an image of a squirrel. Then he asked if his mom drew the image.

Later, Jones tried to show the boys that the baby was the size of a pretzel. While the 9-year-old boy responded more quietly and pondered the new information, the 3-year-old brother excitedly demanded, "open, open, open" about the bag of pretzels that he wanted to snack on.