Kincannon wants to tackle climate, homelessness, economics

Indya Kincannon, candidate for Knoxville mayor. / Source: (WVLT)
Indya Kincannon, candidate for Knoxville mayor. / Source: (WVLT)(WVLT)
Published: Oct. 3, 2019 at 11:28 AM EDT
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Indya Kincannon, candidate for Knoxville mayor, released a statement outlining her plans to tackle numerous issues, including climate change and homelessness, if she is elected.

Among the issues on Kincannon's website are: climate change, affordable housing and homelessness, sustainable economic development, quality schools, strong neighborhoods, transparent government, efficient services, opioid epidemic and public safety and civility.

On climate change, Kincannon said, “Climate change is real and it is hurting our environment, our health and our economy. We need to think creatively and collaboratively about how to reduce our carbon emissions as a community,” Kincannon said.

For homelessness and affordable housing, Kincannon said, "I support the Housing First model of addressing homelessness. Give people a roof over their heads first, then dealing with mental health and other issues becomes more feasible."

Kincannon said she wants to see revitalization in areas beyond Gay Street and Market Square." As Mayor I will work with banks and non-profits to transform everyday financial practices into savings and credit-building opportunities. Programs like lending circles and no-interest micro-loans can help low-income families move towards greater financial independence and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams."

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Kincannon is set to face off against Eddie Mannis in the general election this November after she came in just ahead of Marshall Stair during the

in August.

Mannis has a strategic plan, too, with a focus on issues such as economic development, health and safety, arts and culture, efficient and effective government, neighborhood livability and transportation.

“The Mayor and City Council change every four to eight years,” Mannis said. “The lack of a strategic visioning plan leads to a lack of consistent momentum for our city. A strategic visioning plan is simply a documented, systematic approach by which a community anticipates and plans for its future, and provides a framework so that decisions are not made in a vacuum.”

The initiative said Mannis has plans for for neighborhoods outside of the downtown area. "We must make sure that Norwood, Burlington, Bearden, Inskip, Vestal, Fountain City, Cumberland Estates, Colonial Village, Parkridge, West Hills, Alice Bell and the rest of the city’s incredible neighborhoods all feel like they’re just as much a part of Knoxville’s long-term strategy.”

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