"Kindness Rally" unites Tennesseans through love

Published: Aug. 26, 2017 at 6:27 PM EDT
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A kindness rally was held at Krutch Park in Downtown Knoxville to drive out the hate demonstrators said is dividing America.

"While there are those here today in Knoxville who are sowing the seeds of hate and violence, this rally will give people an opportunity to see that's not what Knoxville's about," said local Jerry Askew. "Some people feel like we need to be where the haters are, we have learned that it's best to be separated from them so that's there's no accidental violence."

People spoke their minds about history and how they felt about America's dark past.

"We've seen a lot of progress since the 50's but it seems like we've taken three steps backwards," said Harold Hicks.

Hundreds of people healed their souls through music, words and signs.

"I would rather say something than stay silent," said local Niema Apiat. "I think this is just a way to show people that we support anyone as long as they show love."

A crowd of different backgrounds and ethnicities was sewn together with love, a simple four-letter word that demonstrators hoped could bridge the division in America.

"I'm hoping to see good people standing up for whats right, what's good and what's kind," said Carmen Hicks.

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