Kitten season is here! How you can help make sure they're cared for

Feral Feline Friends says kitten season is here. (Feral Feline Friends)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Feral Feline Freinds said they're in the throes of "kitten season." That means the time of year when the most kittens are born.

"We get calls, emails, messages to our FB page daily about litters of kittens and stray cats," said a FFF volunteer. "Every rescue we go on; more kittens. Just yesterday, I trapped a mom cat and 4 6-week old kittens. Then I got a call from one of our volunteers about a kitten in a car engine. Got that little 7 oz munchkin trapped and he is now in foster care."

With all the kittens who need care, the best thing you can do is adopt. However, there is also a need for volunteers and foster parents.

"We help as many people as we can. But there is no way we can take all the cats and kittens in that we are asked to, which is very sad."

Feral Feline Friends holds special adoption events at Pet Smart on Morrell Road on weekends. The full list of events is on their Facebook Page.

You can also visit the Feral Feline Friends website to make a donation or view cats and kittens availble for adoption.