Knox County Sheriff recognizes top 2018 officers

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - Catching a homicide suspect, protecting a senior from fraud and arresting bank robbery suspects are all in a day's work for top officers recognized by the Knox County Sheriff's Department for 2018.

Sheriff Tom Spangler recognized these three men as top officers of the year:
Officer of the Year: Jeff Monroe
Detective of the Year: Keith McFarland
K9 Officer of the Year: Conner Amburn

"You do feel good when you get to solve a case and know that the right person gets to pay for the crime they committed," said McFarland. "I enjoy helping other people and making sure Knox County is a safe place to live."

Sheriff Tom Spangler said, "It's a passion. Always has been and it will continue to be that way as far as I'm concerned. You talk to any law enforcement officer and they want to go here and make a difference." the sheriff said consistency is a quality he and other managers are constantly looking for from deputies.

Monroe helped a woman in her 70's get back $19,000 she almost lost forever in a fraud case. He also made an arrest in the type of case he said is often hard to solve. "Hard to catch these people. I just felt like I had to do everything I could do to see that it got prosecuted."

Amburn said he and his dog, Thor, went on more than 167 assignments in the past year. He was proudest of catching a homicide suspect.
"Thor actually went up underneath the garage and was able to apprehend him safely and get him into custody so that he could go experience the wrath of the judicial system as far as his crimes go."