KY man accused of raping disabled church member at motel

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GIRDLER, Ky. (WKYT) - A Kentucky man is behind bars after detectives say he had sex with a disabled woman he knew from church.

Photo: Kentucky State Police

Kentucky State Police say they received a report from a 29-year-old woman stating she was picked up by a fellow church member and taken to a hotel room.

Troopers say the suspect, 71-year-old Clark Mills, had sex with the disabled victim, who is legally blind and has "an evident mental disability." The victim was dropped off, and she told her mother what happened.

Mills would admit to a Kentucky State Police detective about having sex with the woman. The two knew each other two years, and Mills knew she had a mental disability. Mills would regularly pick her up in the church bus during the time he knew her.

Troopers arrested Mills and charged him with second-degree rape (intellectual disability) and second-degree sodomy (intellectual disability).

Mills was placed in the Knox County Detention Center.

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