Knoxville High School becoming apartments for seniors

Published: Jan. 18, 2017 at 3:14 PM EST
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How would you like to live in the same place you went to high school?

Instead of the old chalkboard and rigid desks, the classrooms are becoming a living space for seniors. Local 8 News Anchor Lauren Davis shows us this remodel is giving people a sense of independence, including their own restaurant, bar and a driver.

If you went to Knoxville High School, the building probable means a whole lot to you.

Rick Dover from Dover Development says, "There's nothing more iconic than Knoxville right here."

For years, it was the only graduating class in the city with the final diploma handed out in 1951.

Dover says, "The interiors are beautiful, 16 foot ceilings, walls 2 foot thick, huge monument windows , press tin ceilings and hardwood maple floors. So it's a dream come true for an historic nerd like me."

So he decided to give it a 15 million dollar makeover complete with an interactive kitchen, celebrity chefs, bar, piano lounge, theater, fitness center, salon and spa, full time wellness director, activity director, car service and staff 24-7.

Dover says, "It's really like living on a cruise ship."

The third floor is coming along. The rooms will have a living room, bedroom, bathroom and washer and dryer units, and lots of light from the large windows. Downstairs they're enclosing the courtyard where movies will be shown. Kim Olen works with seniors, and has been getting a lot of calls about these units.

Kim Olen with Senior Solutions Management Group says, "I receive calls every day to find out when it's going to done. There's definitely that nostalgia and connection with the building."

A building that means a lot to so many who attended school there. One that the students could once again call home.

If you're interested, check out the link in this article.