Knoxville businesses affected by Cyber Monday craze

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. When the clock struck midnight, one woman started spending.

Phillips said at HobbyTown in Knoxville, radio control cars, trains and drones are top sellers. (Source: WVLT)

"ULTA popped up a nice little thing saying we've started already so on shopping I went," said Christie Vangorder, a Seymour resident.

Other people take to the stores.

"We do hands on things, that are unplugged," said Gary Phillips, President of the Knoxville HobbyTown.

With the rise of technology, HobbyTown in Turkey Creek is making sure toy sales stay tradition.

"Statistically 68 dollars out of every hundred dollars spent stays local," explained Phillips, "I know a lot of business is done on Cyber Monday, but it's still a good day for us here."

Keeping things at eye level lets kids to walk in, pick up a toy and start playing with it.

"And that's really important rather than to just do this. They're actually learning things, learning skills that will stick with them for life," explained Phillips.

But for others the deals online are intriguing.

"Extra coupons. A lot of things are a lot cheaper and it gets shipped straight to the house," said Vangorder.

Another Knoxville-based business tried something else.

"We actually decided to do some different sales on Cyber Monday in hopes that people will come here and shop local instead," said Bridget Reymond, the Co-Owner of Eddie's Health Shoppe.

Whether you choose to buy online, in the store or both, happy shopping!

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