Knoxville city council votes in favor of gun show ban request

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) — According to Knoxville city officials, council members voted in support of a resolution that would no longer allow gun shows to be conducted within city facilities.


The resolution was discussed in a meeting Tuesday evening, where members voted 8-1 on the gun show ban request.

The mayor will have the final decision on the ban. Mayor Madeline Rogero said she supports the ban but would leave the decision up to the next mayor to continue the practice. She says there are two more gun shows scheduled through the end of the year. Rogero says she will not book anymore while she's in office to honor the resolution.

The resolution potentially bans gun shows at Chilhowee Park — an event that frequently drew protests in the past.

City Attorney Robert Frost Jr., said the resolution wouldn't be a forcible law.

"If it passes, there is no new law that will pass immediately, or anything like that. The city council does not oversee the public facilities. It's done through the administration through a private entity," Frost said.

The park is classified as a gun-free zone.

Seven council members including McKenzie, Welch, Singh, Stair, Roberto, Rider and Saunders introduced the resolution.

McKenzie said the point is to ultimately show the community that the council is standing with them and that their voices are heard.

"At some point, I would like to introduce this as an ordinance, but that might be something I wait until the new administration," McKenzie-6th District said.

Council Member George Wallace told WVLT he is against the resolution due to a lack of information.

"I want to assure that the City of Knoxville has the legal standing to prohibit gun sales on public properties. Guns are regulated at the state level," Wallace said.

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