Knoxville family spends first Christmas in Habitat home

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) The Skinner family spent their first Christmas in their new home on Wednesday.

Tiffany says her favorite gift this Christmas was seeing her kids enjoy their new forever home. / Source: WVLT News

Tiffany and Johnnie Skinner applied for a Habitat for Humanity home two years ago and were originally denied. Several months later, Tiffany re-applied and received the call of a lifetime, said she was approved and could come to check out some property to start building a house on.

"I got a call one day at work and said I have a lot open, I need you to check it out and see if you like it," said Tiffany Skinner. "I left on my lunch break as quick as I could and came over here and called my husband and he liked it, then we started building."

The Skinner family (Johnnie, Tiffany and their three sons) used to live in a rented three-bedroom space, now the family lives comfortably in a five-bedroom home with a spacious backyard.

"The kids always have somewhere to come home to, its wonderful," said Tiffany. "I had that feeling, my parents are homeowners and they still live in the same house and we always go back to that house till this day so I want the same thing for my kids."

The Skinners have struggled financially in the past and never thought they would see the day where they owned a five-bedroom house with a big backyard. Johnnie said building the home themselves gave them a better appreciation for the home once they finally got it.

"Having all of these people helping us build our home even on cold days, it was a humbling experience," said Johnnie.

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